The Teachings [EP]


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© Music by BLIGHT:
G. McCaughry - Vocals & Lyrics
Pascal Pelletier - Guitars
Cedric Deschamps - Bass
Rob Lapalme - Drums

• • •

Recording & Mixing by Jean-Baptiste Joubaud, at Studio Lantiez.
Mastering by Tom Waltz.


released March 1, 2016

© Painting by (and use by express consent from) Nicola Samori.



all rights reserved


BLIGHT Montréal, Québec

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Track Name: For the Pact to be Writ
On the Altar whereupon the story of Man lays;
A meagre offering, burning ceaselessly, for the Master.

Is where HE, amongst All, is worshipped & brought forth.

Lord of (the) Pit,
Lord of Hosts,
Lord of Tunnels,
Of dry heat and despair!

HIS Name, Our Gnosis!
And yet in HIS Word, we know Nought!

Cursed to live, the dark night of the soul,
The ever-circling splendour of Solis,
Rebirth & Relinquishment,
Where no Law, no Holy Reprisal exists…

For none shall rise Above,
Nor dwell in Below,
But only shall know of, the Space In-Between.

Visualize the Seal of Cain,
And realize, it flows in thy veins,
Strip aside, the Moon’s membrane,
Ostracize, those of the Stain,
Those of the Chains!

For through HIM, thou shall find starvation of thoughts,
In the desert of thy Dreams…
Blown away by the sandstorm of HIS Will,
You shall emerge a shadow, engulfing the very fabric of Time.

Forever to vibrate through the Chant of Eos,
A song of Death… Death, in the land of Nod,
Through the forgotten shells (of the Qliphoth),
It shall reverb; long lost tales, of a land, long long dead.
Track Name: Sovereign [Suffering] Gestalt
Come, come…
Come to me, come to me…
Come hither, come hither…
Come to me, come to me!
Trumpeters of a Weeping Sky!

As the sound, reverberates back, from the Gates of Empyrea,
A choir of death, of passion, of loss…

Hymns have been chanted,
The Message, delivered,
Thou hast been heard!

Glow-Worm in drags!
The shallow god,
& Sun of Creation!

Thou may speak of mercy,
Yet all I hear is acrimony,
Not that I disagree,
Only I choose to see through the Womb,
Through the Wound,
Through the Hewn!

And the Son of Creation,
& the Sun!

Thy shadow cast a larger reflection than thou,
Much larger than Judgement & Commandment!

And in Raining Pain,
Thy minions are broken!

Shall I dip my lips in the Azure liquid:
Life giving, Life spilling,
Alloyed with sharp flakes of Golden Misery…
…within my Soul?

To unleash the Tempest, in the deepest depths of the Self.
I have made my promise before the Four-fold Lie.
I have taken the Oath forge in the bounty of God-Made-Naught!

The Pulse of Chaos in motion & Cosmic destruction…
A gospel made in tears of Blood…
Luminous Blood.
Track Name: Cernuous
And All-Thoughts finally sprung into Being,
Vital & Viral, pulsating Visions the Mind could not have foreseen!
Lo! Lo & Behold!

A mind stomped, so much so, that no illusion nor dreams remain,
But miscalculated, misused, and misunderstood schemas,
Poorly translated to Lingua Vulgaris.

& yet I speak!
Hence I breathe!
Or so it seems!
So it seems?

Even though, this Unity sought, which was mine by right,
And that I held, in the hollow of my palms, was simply lost!
Yet this is pure reality of momentum to be suffered, in silence…
In Silence! And devoid of psychic pollution.
For All I have ever Loved (& Lost) is perceptual plurity,
Scarce in modern thoughts… and may I yet rise again, and stand?
I must save a few coins for the Ferryman, I suppose?
Oh vile imbecile! Thou who hast beguiled me,
to a land fertile yet so very hostile!
May the words I utter fill your blackened lungs with corrosive venom,
For I am the Dragon!

And you, o’ dearest, my Love, you should’ve never listened to the poor,
Deaf and dumb, nor spend coin in useless dung!

Then sever the ties!
Sever the Song!
Let us put an end to this!
& put the Blade to rest inside your wrists!
Close your eyes for a minute,
And witness a Nightsky filled with shining orbs,
Kin to silver butterflies…

Shall you Speak?
Shall you Breathe?
& live the Dream?
Kill the Dream!

O’, but the Holymost Olde Tree, the inverted Oṃ,
Seen through the needle’s eye, is verily like liquid Onyx…
Track Name: Magna Arcana
The Veil is lifted, the scene is set!
Hate, Horror, Holy Horus, beside me!

The Serpent of Life!
Magna Arcana, Ur-Summa!
Serpent of Lie!
Anathema, Prana & Pneuma!
The Wyrm’s breath, for me to accept!

From Circle to Spiral,
From Shackles to Cycles,
Hail! Hail! The Serpent of Life in Death!

The Serpent of Life!
Magna Arcana, Ur-Summa!
Serpent of Lie!
Anathema, Prana & Pneuma!
The World’s Fire, for me to protect!

Infinity lies behind Sign.

…As it is multiplied by its doppelganger.
And only by the result, does a proper battleground appear forth!

Gnosis lies behind Sign.

From the very blistered crust of the Earth,
Bleeding and ready for more,
The four horsemen are now divided; brothers & sisters at each other’s throats!

Welcoming the impending Eclipse,
The Rupture, the Rapture,
Swallowing whole the Fallacy of Old; the Dying Prime!
Brothers & sisters at each other’s throats,
Bleeding and Bleeding, and ready for more!
Track Name: VoidLight
Understand the Sacred!
Intuit the Golden!
Breathe In, Exhale!
& leave this Place!

Leave it! To find a World wrought,
from the finest Silver-silk, and Starlight!

Let us lose ourselves, in ample libation;
Of Myrrh,
Of Blood,
Of Wine,
& burning Frankincense!

Until Dawn cometh, for the Old Man!
As discreet a Fool, & radiant as He may still be!

He cannot hide behind the Pale Veil,
Sustaining the Reality of His frailty!
Let us summon instead the Seal of Truth!

Forever to remain unread, & unheard of, in the Lower Spheres.
The Morning Star; in radiance & in violence,
As both the Beacon & the Weapon; Lucifer…

Limitless, boundless, liberated!
Swift & formless; the Star-Crossed Serpent!
Omniscient, Omnipotent, Omni-Cipher!
Omni-Cipher, of the Multiverse!
The Alpha & Omega!

(In Nomine LuxFerre, Et Luth’riEL NoxFerre)

Epidermal of the Sky, and the Marrow of the Earth,
The One & Only, the one & only Enigma.
Adverserial, the Reversum Principle.
Penta-Spiral, Pandimensional.
Luth’riEL, Bel’ Lucifer,
Of Hell, of Fire!
& The Voice from the Void!

Epidermal of the Sky, and the Marrow of the Earth,
The One & Only Death, the one & only Hell!
Of Holy Hell, of Holy Fire!