Death Reborn - EP


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Wallow Within
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Wallow Within I think it's really hard to give an on point genre description here. Actually before buying all that, I only listened to the (brillinat) Teachings EP, which is produced quite differently. This one though turns out to be my favorite I think. If you're somewhat into Black/Death Metal you should definatly not walk past this.
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(This is an advance pre-prod demo of the upcoming "The Teachings" full-length which is due sometime in 2014.)

Pascal Pelletier - Guitars.
Cedric Deschamps - Bass.
Rob Lapalme - Drums
G. McCaughry - Vocals, Lyrics & Graphic Design.


released April 13, 2013

© Music by BLIGHT (2013)

Recording, mixing and home mastering by Maxime Ducharme (aka: Scythrawl) at Sonic Stream Studio.

Artwork "הַשָּׂטָן - Satan - AMSG" by Néstor Avalos.

[Band photography by Caroline Méthot]



all rights reserved


BLIGHT Montréal, Québec

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Track Name: Death Reborn
O’ Great Disease of Old!
Illustrious Black Goddess!
Mine’s own,
Harlot of Inspiration!
Take Me! Take Me!

Even if I am unworthy, yet you desire me!
& bleach my bones, bleach my bones clean!
Suck the marrow out of me,
& let me sing thy Glory Obscene!
Drink me, intoxicate thee,
so you can regurgitate lumps of molten Silver.

And out of my pores, I am sweating the Salts of the Golden Mean. the Light of the Waning Moon.
Listen to me, Unborn Child of molded Clay!

The Stigmata of Samsara, are angled to remind you,
Of where you stand beneath the Logos.

I coughed up fog & killed your Dreams!
Jump-starting ills and a slow, precipitated Fall;

Through Death Reborn,
with Hatred & Scorn!

(Through Death Reborn, as a Phoenix rising, having the traits of Man with the Mark of the Sphinx & the Power to Cross the Styx, passed the Crown & the Radiant Halo. AMN.)
Track Name: Gnostic Dirge

I drink from the Cup of Grace;
the Tragedy of Men.


Spewing the Intelligible,
in tongues of Venom!


I kneel before thee,
so you can stone me Dead!

Once again, rip the hatred out of me!
Baptize me in your beloved Angst.

Convulsing, contracting, slithering...
Roaring Psalms of Abhorrence, of Sethos Forgotten.

A throat filled with coal, and a Voice spurting Flames!
Standing between the Twin-Pillars of the Viper Temple,
The Caduceus Staff turned to Spear,
I am staring straight, at the throne and throat of god!

Angels piled upon Angels are forming the Stairway.
On this Journey, I have walked for miles,
solid crimson crackling under my feet,
a floor paved with the dust of Millions...
Souls of the Dead.

Behind me, following me,
are Legions of Devotees; hooded monks veiled by a grayish cloak of smoke,
& the Procession marches on forward,
Forever, on-ward!

Every Adepts are servants, able to resist my coil,
Sanguine fluid given to feed the greediness of the Soil!

& the Procession march...